Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2021

Netra is among the top 25 startups according to Forbes magazine.

Netra has been selected among the top 25 startups by Forbes magazine. This is a great honor and privilege to have come this far, thanks to the tireless efforts of our team.

AI has been hyped a lot over the last decade, but there are some companies that are delivering on the expectations and we are proud to be one of them, by focusing on a clear value proposition: state-of-the-art technology wrapped into a simple, and affordable API.

There are a record number of 9,977 machine learning startups and companies in Crunchbase today, an 8.2% increase over the 9,216 startups listed in 2020 and a 14.6% increase over the 8,705 listed in 2019.

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