Computer Vision (CV) unlocks the next wave of audience insights via ad creative classification

With AI-based technology, classifying creative creates richer audience targeting and better measurement

With AI-based technology, classifying creative can create richer audience targeting opportunities and performance measurements that beat historical audience and CRM solutions.

The re-Transition to Contextual for the Buy-Side

Advertisers’ past solutions for audience targeting relied heavily on deterministic characteristics and often weak signals for campaign optimization. Audience characteristics were frequently poor quality, with a low probability of reaching the right individuals and confusing attribution.

But with Netra’s AI, advertisers are able to create a richer connection to their audiences through a transition to contextual creative targeting. No longer are advertisers reliant on targeting audiences described often as vague categories such as  “likely female between 25-33.”

What is Creative Classification?

Creative classification is the process by which…:

  • Buy-side partners’ creatives are scanned for critical elements that create a consistent profile of creative elements and themes
  • These creatives are matched to the most relevant sell-side content, optimizing campaign performance and uncovering the critical elements of campaign optimization with deep insights into the content that attracts high-value audiences

With creative classification, the level of granularity introduced, such as categorizing sell-side content based on objects, scenes, and emotions provide a PII-safe way of understanding audiences’ intent without forcing a profile of characteristics or relying on cookies. Netra’s process is automated and through Computer Vision (CV) evaluates and attaches the highest relevance and scores of 280+ IAB-compatible attributes.

Through creative content analysis, brands have an objective view of their brand messaging with robust analytics on the success of creatives. Brands’ viewers are engaging directly with relevant content that resonates with direct brand positioning and aspirations.

The greatest benefit of the adoption of creative classification is no longer relying on “guessing” audience characteristics. Content interest is a far stronger match for purchasing and brand intent vs. former third-party audience profiles, particularly as we transition to a cookie-less environment.

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We aim to provide an infrastructure for all, through which every company can build their own applications and products to start unlocking the value of their video assets.

To learn how data science, product and audience teams are using Netra’s APIs to better comprehend and tag their content and creative to deliver better audiences at scale, please contact us.

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